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Hi, I’m Jordan, a fashion and advertising photographer based in Los Angeles. I specialize in creating print and digital marketing materials for women's fashion, lifestyle, and beauty brands. Working in the industry since 2012, I have developed a distinct style that includes loud colors, unique props, sharp angles, and a whole lot of light. I am an avid educator of fellow photo-takers and love teaching others how to create their signature style. I believe that every image should say just as much about the artist behind the camera as it does about the subject in front of it.



Ever wonder what the secret to defining your signature style is? 

In this new virtual course, I walk you through my keys to creativity, how to successfully style a shoot, and the six main tools in my toolbox and how to apply them.


“JZ Academy is just what I've been looking for! Jordan is the perfect mentor to help me on my photography journey.”


Lindsey Mueller

Preset Packs
Ready to give your images that polished professional look? My presets were designed to represent the warm and bright colors of California, while still maintaining that timeless, film-like quality we all love incorporating into our digital work. 

Joshua Tree Preset Pack

Like so many of my images, this pack harnesses the warm desert tones of Joshua Tree coupled with the grit, grain, and faded film quality that we all love so much. Joshua Tree is my salute to the classic beauty of shooting on film and is the preset pack that is the most similar to my own style when shooting branded campaigns.           


Malibu Preset Pack

Inspired by the bright and colorful coastline of Malibu, CA. These presets bring a pop of color, light, and contrast to your photos that is uniquely tailored to look eye-catching yet natural. This is the brightest and most true-to-life preset pack with luminous, glowy skin tones and vibrant golden-hour warmth.



Palm Springs Preset Pack

Evoking the vintage, mid-century modern style and tones of Palm Springs, this preset pack has a creamy, low contrast quality that will transport your photos back to the pages of a 1960’s magazine. The tones of these presets will flatter your subject & make your images the perfect balance of fade and pop. 


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